Games for Linux Sites

Games for Linux

Portal Games for Linux was founded in the year 2001 by Juraj Michálek from Slovakia. There were only small number of games for Linux spreaded over Internet. When someone wants to play these games he had to download all libraries and recomplie game. It was hard to download and racompile game because a lot of web-links were broken and source files were sometimes inaccessible. So running games required a lot of effort. The basic idea of the portal Games for Linux was to collect game’s tarballs and all libraries required by games and put them in to one place. The second idea of this portal was – provide porting skills to Linux newbies and help them to port their games from Dos, Windows or other OS to Linux (and also backward to Windows).

A lot of work has been done. 🙂 Now you can enjoy Linux games. In future we are planning to build rpm and other binary packages to each game. Games are now available only in source tarball.

Linux Games

Linux Games

Linux Games


Linux Gamers

linuX-gamers.net is one of the biggest linux-gaming communities with an integrated multi-gaming-clan. On this page you will find latest Linux gaming related news, a big moderated forum, a huge HOWTO collection and other information about the community and the clan.

Tux Games

Are you keeping an unwanted operating system on your computer just for playing games? Well, now there is no need. Tux Games will free your computer from its shackles and allow you to play games under your favorite operating system.

Tux Games is dedicated to providing Linux users with the best Linux games at the lowest possible prices.

If you are new to gaming with Linux, we can provide you with all you need to turn your PC into a stable and reliable gaming platform.

The Linux Game Tome

The Linux Game Tome is whole bunch of really badly written Perl scripts that talk to a MySQL database. We use phpBB for the forums. The server is running Redhat Linux, although we’d prefer to be running Debian (but we like Redhat just fine, honest!). The server hardware and bandwidth are donated by Penguin Computing, who are too cool for words because of their willingness to help this site continue. Please buy your next Beowulf cluster from them.

and you will find so much things on SourceForge.net


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